Saturday, January 17, 2015

Assignment #8: The Clean Sweep

Cleaning the kitchen took several days longer than I had planned on and now I'm behind. I sort of knew that this would happen at some point. Thankfully, the next assignment is something that can be done in just a few minutes -- the clean sweep. Basically, today's task is to surface clean the house in the time it takes a song to play.

Clean Sweep Station
The clean sweep is already a part of of my weekly cleaning routine. I've mentioned my adorable fur-kids and their inability to keep litter in its designated area. Every time I do the litter boxes, I also swiffer the whole house. I even have a cleaning station dedicated to this task to make things a bit more streamlined.

I also have a tendency to clean whenever I'm waiting for the teapot to sing its magical song. I've found that I can have the dishes done and counters wiped in the time it takes for water to boil. In the time it takes the tea or coffee to brew, I can have the living room and dining room picked up. Part of the reason that hubby and I like owning less is due to the ease of clean-up. You don't need to clean things that you don't own.

By doing a little bit of cleaning each day, our home is never more than a few minutes away from being ready for company. People don't drop by often, but I don't want my mess to keep me from welcoming them in or enjoying my home.

Best wishes!

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