Assignment #6: Kitchen Deep Clean

Well, after the pantry purge earlier in the week, I sort of knew that this was coming. This weekend's assignment is to deep clean the kitchen. Even though I just did a deep clean before Christmas, I'm not super excited about doing this because the post-holiday fridge and oven are a disaster.

First up is the fridge. Posting a "before" picture would be too embarrassing so you'll just have to take my word for it. Working from the top shelf down, I removed all of the food and then removed the shelf for cleaning. When I got to the bottom drawers, I remembered why the fridge causes me so much irritation. You see the previous owners, bless their hearts, had the kitchen tiled and inadvertently tiled the fridge into place. It is impossible to move the fridge or to get the right drawer out without damaging the tile. At least I only notice this particular quirk when I am trying to clean.

The second major part of the kitchen deep clean was the stove-top and oven. We have a flat-top glass stove-top that has a knack for attracting yucky stuff. About once a week I tackle it with some baking soda and vinegar to really get it nice and clean. The oven, on the other hand, hasn't been cleaned since we moved into the house a year ago. To be honest, we've never lived anywhere long enough to warrant an oven cleaning. I guess that's one of the added joys of home ownership. But I digress... Normally when I clean an oven I either run a self-clean cycle or get out the oven cleaner, but neither are optimal methods. The self-clean cycle basically heats the oven up to as hot as the sun and incinerates anything in there and then I still need to wipe out the charred remains. It doesn't seem energy efficient and is stinky. The oven cleaner is super stinky and renders the kitchen unusable due to the smell. Plus, I have to stick my head in it and the smell makes me nauseous. So, I decided to try the baking soda and vinegar approach since it seems to work for everything else and I wasn't failed. It took a metric ton of elbow grease, but the oven is now sparkling clean.

After the fridge and oven, the rest of the kitchen was easy-peasy. I used my stiffer to wipe down the walls since dust and kitty hair likes to accumulate on them. I gave all of the cabinets a good wipe down, inside and out. I installed the new cabinet knobs that arrived a few days ago. I mopped the floor since all of the cleaning made my perfect floors dirty again.

In preparation for the upcoming kitchen project, I measured the walls where the back splash is going in order to determine the amount of tile that I'll need. I think I'll tackle that project in February. Next up is painting the counter tops. Replacing them is out of the budget right now, but I've seen some inexpensive ways to spruce up laminate counter tops. 


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