Assignment #5: 10 Minute Meditation & Pick a Project

Today's assignment is two parts . . . again. I think Apartment Therapy is trying to trick us into doing more by giving two assignments at the same time, but calling it one assignment. You can view the complete assignment here.

The first part of the assignment is to sit quietly in a room for 10 minutes and imagine the room the way you want it to be. Since we spend the most time in the living room, I decided to do this exercise there. Our living room has been a challenge to decorate. Since living in the house, the furniture has been in three different arrangements. The main issue is the television stand and the couch. Both are fairly large pieces of furniture and they don't fit in the room exactly as planned. I think the current arrangement is the best because none of the windows are overly blocked and the couch isn't in front of the windows. In general, I would prefer if the room was a bit cozier with a throw blanket and throw pillows. Both are on the projects list. Also, this room suffers from a lack of tables. It drives me a little nuts that we haven't provided a table for drinks and snacks, especially since hubby and I have decided to work our way through the best movies. The living room also needs to have its lighting addressed. There are two lights in the room currently. One is a wall sconce that I'm not really fond of because of its location and looks. The other light is a stand up lamp. This does a good job of providing task lighting.

I realize that it sounds like I'm nit-picking, but I've been thinking about the needs of this room for a lot more than 10 minutes. Most of my projects for the year are for the living room. I have been careful to select projects and improvements that can be taken with us since there is a chance that we could be moving within the year. (More on that when things are decided.)

The second part of the assignment is to commit to a project that can be done this month. At first I was a bit torn about which project to select because I already have one in progress, but sitting in the living room and thinking about the space helped me make my decision. I am going to add some flat surfaces to the room. There is a project from Pinterest that I have been eyeing for sometime. It involves decorating tray(s) with pennies and sealing the tray with epoxy. I think this would look really cute in the living room because of the varying shades of orange. Plus, it'll get some of my penny collection turned into something useful. I guess the next step is to obtain supplies.

Best wishes!


  1. Lighting is always a challenge for me.

    1. Me too! It's one of those things that when you get right it's really right. One day at a time.


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