Assignment #4: Purge the Pantry

In preparation for the weekend assignment, today's "Cure" task is to clean the pantry. About a month ago, I relocated the pantry from one cabinet to another to help with kitchen flow and to help me stop loosing things in the back of the pantry. However, the pantry could use a good clean up and any excuse to label things sounds like fun to me.

The before picture doesn't look that bad. The top shelf is supposed to hold breakfast items, the following two shelves were a mish-mash between baking and dinner foods, and the bottom shelf is for bulk storage.

I'll admit that the "after" photo doesn't look all that different. I took everything out of the cabinet, cleaned all of the shelves, and replaced the food. The top shelf still holds breakfast food and the bottom shelf is still bulk storage. What I did do was clear out a few items that we haven't used and/or were expired and grouped the baking stuff on the second shelf and the dinner stuff on the third shelf. 

Dry Storage
The area that I spent the most time working on is where we store our dry ingredients (such as flour, rice, and oatmeal). I like to keep all of our dry ingrediants in quart mason jars because I like the uniform look and I think the food stays fresher. I topped off the jars and finally finished labeling everything.

While this is only the first week of the January Cure, I'm happy that I've been able to keep up with the tasks. School is starting next week and my time demands are going to shift back to full-time school with a mix of homemaking. Coming up this weekend is a kitchen deep clean that I'm sort of dreading. Christmas was not kind to my refrigerator.

Best wishes!


  1. Oh, I do like the dry ingredients in quart jars "look". Very sharp!!

    1. Thanks! It really is the best of both worlds. We buy in bulk to make hubby happy and I get a pretty pantry.


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