Assignment #10: Declutter a Drawer

Today's cure assignment is to declutter a drawer. Now, if you've been following along for a while, you might be thinking to yourself, "This should be easy! There is no clutter in Smith Land." Alas, try as I might, my desk drawers are a disaster. This assignment hits home because I like to squirrel away things into the drawers -- there are 18 in the house, but surprisingly only two in the kitchen -- when I want to keep them away from curious kitties or do a quick clean up before company arrives.

The drawer that selected for this assignment holds an array of bobs and bits. Some of the stuff is holdover from when hubby and I shared a desk, but the majority of it is crochet do-dads. My first task in this assignment was to clear off my desk so that I could empty drawer. This was no small feat as my desk is a paper storm. Decluttering my drawer resulted in a two-for-one special: a clean drawer and a clean desktop.

I pulled everything out of the drawer and sorted it into four piles: crafting, hubby, postcards and letters, and trash. Since the drawer was empty, I did a quick wipe down. I put the crochet supplies with the others on the shelf and put the craft supplies that I'll use back into the drawer. The postcards and letters went back into the drawer. Hubby's stuff went to his desk for going through later. Finally, the trash went out to the bin. All in all, this was about a 20 minute project that I'm glad I took the time to do.

This exercise exhibits my minimalism philosophy:
  1. Keep the things that add value and cut those that do not.
  2. Simplifying is a journey, not a destination.
  3. Do a little every day.
Best wishes!


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