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This is the first post in my May 2014 NaBlopoMo challenge. The theme of the month is "nourish" and all of the posts will relate to this theme in some way. I am writing from the provided prompts that are often not things I would normally discuss. By writing from the prompts may you'll learn something about me that you didn't already know. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014: Tell us how you eat: do you sit down to three meals, eat several small meals, or grab a granola bar on the run?

Today's prompt is about the doing of eating, a topic that I don't normally give to much thought to. How I eat often depends on my schedule for the day, whether I am working from home or going to school. No matter what my plans for the day though, every morning starts with a cup of coffee.

Most mornings hubby wakes up before me. He's a much lighter sleeper than I am and Commander Sisko wakes him up to go outside around 6 AM every day. Once hubby is up and around he makes coffee for the two of us and breakfast for himself. I'm not normally ready to eat breakfast until a bit later. He does spoil me though. My cup of coffee is normally waiting for me next to my computer by the time I amble out of bed. While drinking my coffee I normally read the news, catch up on Facebook, answer any student emails that have come in during the night, and write my to-do list for the day. My morning routine is one of the few habits that carry consistently throughout my days.

If its a school day for me, hubby normally packs my lunch while getting his breakfast ready. Packing lunch normally consists of gathering several mason jars from the fridge. Hubby and I normally prepare our main course and salads for the week on Sundays. Don't think that I just let him do all of the cooking for me. My "lunch" is usually a smoothie, main course, snack, and salad. I drink the smoothie for breakfast as soon as I get to the office, scarf down the main course during my office hours, inhale the salad between meetings, and munch on the snack before heading home. It seems like I am constantly eating while I am at my desk and that eating is more of an afterthought. When I put it this way, my lunches seem pretty sad. I usually call hubby as I am leaving school and he has something ready for me to eat when I get home. Since I commute over an hour to school, the last thing that I want to think about when I get home is making dinner.

As much as eating is an afterthought on school days, the days that I work from home are a bit different. After coffee, I normally make myself something for breakfast around 10 AM. Breakfast, depending on my mood, can be anything from basic oatmeal to eggs and bacon to freshly baked muffins. A lot of the decision is based on what we have in the pantry and how hungry I am. Lunch usually happens around 1 PM with me eating some sort of leftovers. By lunch time I am elbow deep in work and normally only stopping because my body is demanding sustenance, not because I am ready for a break.

Dinner on these days is a much more involved affair. Based on the last few paragraphs you would think that I dislike cooking, but I actually love to find new recipes to try out on hubby. On the days that I work from home, all work stops by 5 PM so that I can start working on dinner. For example, tonight I am making bacon and chard quiche for dinner. We have some rainbow chard leftover from our veggie delivery and I need to use it before it goes bad. 

I guess dinner is where the housewife bit comes in as I suspect I will be cooking dinner more often during the next year of dissertating. I guess we can blame my work for making me a better cook, but only time will tell.


  1. Hi. I am taking part in NaBloPoMo, too, and that's how I've come here.
    I wish I had a hubby who makes coffee for me every morning. :-)
    Have a wonderful day.


    1. Nice to meet you, Romi! Coffee in the morning is pretty awesome, I must say. Hope to see you around more. Best wishes, Amanda

  2. Love that salad in a jar idea. I haven't done it yet but it is salad season so perhaps I'll give that a try!

    1. Once you start jarring you can't go back. I'm constantly finding new things to cook or put in jars for lunches.

  3. My commute to and from work is an hour too so I get the not wanting to have to 'start all over again' with dinner after a day's work and the drive. It's a similar set up in our home with the cooking.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't have it in them to cook by the end of the day. The hour commute is rough, but thankfully mostly highways. I cannot wait to live closer to work. :)


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