Monday, January 7, 2013

Progress happens in tiny steps

Being an academic is great . . . most of the time.  I get winter break and summers off from going to campus, even though I continue to work from home.  However, hubby can attest to the crazy that too much time off can cause since it usually involves me cleaning the house like a crazy person and rearranging our furniture, which often leads to additional decluttering.

Living in the Midwest for over a year has taught me a valuable lesson:  I am a child of the sun.  Too little sunlight and I tend to go batty.  There is no such thing as too much sunshine.  So, why hubby and I decided to put my desk is our bedroom is beyond me.  It's the darkest room in the apartment and has terrible reading light.  After much discussion, we decided that I should move to the living room, but we didn't have enough room for both of our desks.  Since my desk is actually meant for two people, we decided to try out sharing the desk.  Of course, now we look like super nerds when we're both computing at the same time.

Since things are working out just fine with the two of us sharing a desk, probably because we're rarely home at the same time these days, we decided to find a new home for hubby's old desk.  It had made many moves with us and was quite beat up, so we ended up taking it apart and putting it in the trash can.  I hate that we couldn't donate it, but the desk was much to abused to have a found a home.

Unfortunately, I didn't count furniture as "items" in the challenge, but it seems a natural consequence of reducing our belongings that furniture would eventually go as well.